DPW Projects Update

PINK indicate concrete or asphalt roadwork.
GREEN TREES indicate major tree installations
PINK WRENCHES indicate various infrastructure improvements

ORANGE indicates secondary and bus routes that the DPW will be focusing on. (NOTE: This does not mean the entire roadway will be renovated.)
GRAY WRENCHES indicate projected infrastructure improvements, in this case, parking lots.

Thanks to the inability of Lansing lawmakers to come up with a voter-friendly state-wide roads’ proposal in early 2015, the City of Taylor stepped up and spent $2.4M in street improvements across the community, mainly involving concrete “cuts” and laying new asphalt. Major concrete-cut projects were done on Racho Road; Superior Boulevard; Pardee Road; and LeRoy Street. Newcastle Street, bordering the North Central Little League baseball complex, was asphalted. 

Much more roadwork is planned in 2016, with the focus turning to key secondary streets and bus routes (see map).

Roadwork wasn’t the only infrastructure program in full force during 2015. The City also restarted its previously dormant tree-planting program, using tens of thousands of dollars to plant trees in “public areas” around the community. Fifty-six new trees were planted around Northwest Pool and in Northwest Park; 22 went into the Taylor North Central Little League; 10 were planted in Taylor Northwest Little League; and four were planted in Taylor Northeast Little League. Seventy-six new trees were planted at Heritage Park. 

Meanwhile, buildings and parking lots were the focus of improvements, ranging from the Northwest Park pool to Heritage Park, with more on the way next year.

In addition to the City’s work, the Michigan Department of Transportation is also rehabilitating the vast sound barriers at Telegraph Road and I-94. Those barriers should be finished sometime in early 2016. Wayne County renovated Allen Road, between North Line and Goddard in 2015. County renovations to Eureka Road, between Racho and Allen, have been moved up to 2016 in preparation for the huge Trader’s Point development, anchored by Menards.


On May 17, the City Council unanimously approved a $780,890 project with Fiore Enterprises LLC to perform concrete repairs to Holland Road between Goddard and Wick. Project timeline TBA.

The City Council on April 5, 2016, unanimously approved two budget amendments to expand concrete and asphalt work across the City during the 2015-16 budget year, which ends June 30.

The Department of Public Works identified streets that need improvements and generated a Project Update Map. That color-coded map shows projects done in 2015 and those to-be-done in 2016 and the near future.

Concrete panel replacement work totally nearly $1.1M has been approved for the following streets at these locations, to be completed by June 30:
  • Byers Ecorse cutoff
  • Bailey – Chestnut to Eureka
  • Westlake – Superior to Eureka
  • Champaign – Beech Daly to Telegraph
  • Mills – Hayes to Champaign
  • Westlake – Myler to Telegraph
  • Hayes – Mills to Telegraph
  • Wohlfeil – Telegraph to Robert
  • Sloan – Ecorse to Champaign
  • Hayes – Monroe to Pelham
The cost of this concrete panel replacement work ranges from a low of $24,300 (Mills Street) to a high of $198,000 (Hayes, from Monroe to Pelham).

The second component to the project, asphalt resurfacing, is also to be completed by June 30 for the following locations:
  • Champaign approach west of Telegraph Road
  • Newcastle – Westpointe to Oak
The cost of these two projects is $177,700. The Newcastle work will complete resurfacing of the street from Westpointe to Robert.

The concrete work will be done by Fiore Construction. The asphalt work will be done by Al’s Asphalt.

Tentatively scheduled for road repair in the future are the following asphalt projects:
  • Lorne -- Huron to Pelham
  • Mortenview -- Northline to Eureka
  • Empire -- Allen to Northline
  • Superior -- Racho to CN Railroad tracks
  • Haskell -- Mortenview to Merrick
  • Chestnut -- Telegraph to Troy
  • Westlake -- Wick to Chernick
  • Haig -- Telegraph to the hospital
Tentatively scheduled for road repair in the future are the following concrete panels:
  • Kerstyn – Eureka to Wendy
  • John Daly – Van Born to Beverly
  • Madden – Beech Daly to Westlake
  • Pine – Goddard to Brest
  • Kinyon – Beech Daly to Statler
  • Champaign – Pardee to Mortenview
  • Joan – Beech Daly to Vivian
  • Champaign – Mortenview to Pelham
  • Haskell – Pardee to Monroe
  • Haskell – Merrick to Pelham
  • Superior – Harold to Beech Daly
  • Lauren – Karin to Leroy
  • Clinton – Phyllis to Pardee
  • Brest – Pine to Pardee
  • Joan – Inkster to McGuire
  • Hayes – Pine to Monroe
  • Beverly – Inkster to McGuire
  • Haig – Telegraph to Pine
  • Kinyon – Katherine to William
  • Continental – south of Kinyon 

For a downloadable PDF of the street map, click here.

NOTE: The map, originally published in December 2015, may not include every project.