ChristNet continues to serve the area's homeless

This year's tallies for the 2009-2010 season of ChristNet are complete. According to records provided by St. Paul United Church of Christ in Taylor, the rotating warming shelter provided safe shelter, a bed and three daily meals to 387 homeless guests. That number breaks down to include 374 single men and women, 22 veterans and five families totaling five adults and seven children.

The youngest person served was 11 months old, and the oldest was 64 years old. ChristNet provided 4,921 nights of shelter for men, 1,701 nights for women and 35 for children.

Over a 72-week period, the daytime shelter, located in rented space at West Mound United Methodist Church in Taylor, provided a variety of assistance, from meals and medical help to job skill training and respite from the weather, to 14,829 guests -- 11,788 men and 3,128 women.

Providing all that help came from 3,035 volunteers, most of whom were from area churches, who put in 10,623 hours.

-- Donna Abramczyk, The New-Herald Newspapers, September 26, 2010