Cancelled Bids

Title Download Size
2012 Ford Explorer_Bid Cancellation 55.63 KB
2013 Property Board Ups_Bid Cancellation 55.21 KB
Animal Disposal_Bid Cancellation Notice 35.74 KB
Asphalt (cold patch)_Cancellation Notice 58.94 KB
Backflow Preventers_Bid Cancellation 54.7 KB
Board Ups_Cancellation Notice 55.57 KB
Bus Repair_Bid Cancellation 54.71 KB
Cancellation HUD legal services.pdf 55.8 KB
Cancelled - IFB - 371-2011-12-21 55.29 KB
Cancelled - IFB-EW-261-2011-09-14-001 55.99 KB
Cancelled -IFB-EW-261-2011-09-14-002 55.81 KB
Chip-Slurry_Cancellation 58.7 KB
Concrete Purchase_Notice of Cancellation 58.82 KB
Concrete Saw Cutting_Cancellation 58.65 KB
Ditch Enclosure Piping_Bid Cancellation 54.43 KB
Ditch Enclosure Program_Bid Cancellation 54.62 KB
DPW Leasing of Heavy Equipment_Bid Cancellation 54.93 KB
Electrical Services_NONI 38.15 KB
Emergency Snow Removal (reissue)_Bid Cancellation 55.04 KB
Emergency Water Main Repair_Bid Cancellation 54.05 KB
Firehouse Paging System (reissue)_Cancellation 55.18 KB
Firehouse Paging System_Bid Cancellation 55.33 KB
Foundation Repairs 11360 Polk_Bid Cancellation 55.24 KB
Golf Range Cart_Bid Cancellation 54.79 KB
Heating and Cooling Project_Bid Cancellation 54.53 KB
Heating and Cooling Project_Bid Cancellation 55.41 KB
HUD Legal_NONI 38.98 KB
HUD Real Estate Services_Notice of Cancellation 55.6 KB
Northline Heating and Cooling Project_Bid Cancellation 55.69 KB
Northline House_bid cancellation 59.28 KB
Northline HVAC Project_Bid Cancellation 55.2 KB
Patio Furniture_Notice of Cancellation 57.89 KB
Petting Farm Hay_Cancellation notice[1] 58.28 KB
Pinewood 6 unit condominium_Addendum 8 29.44 KB
Police Department_HVAC and Vent Cleaning_Bid Cancellation 55.15 KB
Property Maintenance_Bid Cancellation 54.43 KB
Reflectors_Bid Cancellation 54.98 KB
Reflector_Bid Cancellation 54.17 KB
Road Striping_Bid Cancellation 55.1 KB
Sand and Limestone_Bid cancellation 57.32 KB
Senior Center Van lease_Bid Cancellation 54.73 KB
Senior Center Van lease_Bid Cancellation 55.42 KB
Signs_Bid Cancellation Notice 36.46 KB
Street Sweeper Services_Bid Cancellation 54.37 KB
Subscription Based Services_Bid Cancellation 55.08 KB
Tree and Stump Removal_Bid Cancellation 58.66 KB
TSX Indoor Turf Replacement_Bid Cancellation 54.88 KB
Tub Grinder Financing_Bid Cancellation 54.85 KB