Collegiate runner wins Taylor 5K for fourth straight year

Jon Hodge competed against Brian Goodwin and Ryan Molloy in high school and college. And Saturday morning, they raced against each other one more time in the annual RollieHopgood Midtown Taylor 5K Run held during the Meijer Taylor Summer Festival.

At the finish line, Hodge, a 21-year-old Grosse Ile native, won the distance race for the fourth straight year. His time of 15 minutes, 47.1 seconds edged Goodwin, 24, of Allen Park by just over 11 seconds. Molloy, a 25-year-old Dearborn Heights resident, was third in 17:12.7.

Hodge, a former standout at Grosse Ile High School, is a member of the track and cross country teams at Northwood University, where he is triple majoring in accounting, finance and management. This past year was his best yet in college. He was third in the 10K spring meet in the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (GLIAC).

“I’ve been doing this for six years now,” Hodge said of the Taylor 5K. “It’s part of my summer training conditioning. I use it kind of as a milestone for my training.”

Goodwin and Molloy were teammates at Annapolis High School in Dearborn Heights and then at Wayne State University. Now college graduates, Goodwin is a substitute teacher seeking full-time work and Molloy is a Farmington Hills police officer.

Alison Springer-Wilson, a first-time Taylor 5K entrant, was the first finisher among the women in a time of 20:50.5. The 18-year-old Dearborn resident finished 32 seconds ahead of Courtney Plummer, 15, of Garden City.

Springer-Wilson excelled in track and cross country at Dearborn High School – running in the state cross country meet twice – and will soon compete at Michigan Tech. She entered the Taylor race at the urging of Andrew Brackmann, the youth pastor at Fairlane Alliance Church in Dearborn. Brackmann, 23, finished fourth overall in 17:30.3.

This was the second year that males and females ran together during the race, which takes place on the streets of Taylor and in Heritage Park. The event featured 257 entrants – an increase of 54 from last year and perhaps its largest field ever.

Prizes also were awarded for overall master (over 40 years old), grand master (over 50) and senior grand master (over 60). Donna Olson of Canton and David Burkhart of Brighton won the masters’ prizes. John Tarkowski of Northville repeated as men’s grand master titlist, while Catherine Pierfelice was the women’s champion. Shirley Torrance of Saline, who was the women’s grand master champ in 2005, took the senior grand master crown this year, along with Richard Welsch of Trenton.

Prizes also were awarded to the top three finishers in each of 14 age groups, although some entrants instead walked the 3.1-mile course.

The race is named for the late Rollie Hopgood, a lifelong Taylor resident, former Taylor councilman, teacher and union leader who founded the event as a member of the Downriver Runners. Hopgood, 62, died suddenly in 2002 while vacationing in Hawaii.

The 5K event in Taylor and other races promoted by the Downriver Runners benefit the Rollie Hopgood Michigan Federation of Teachers and School Related Personnel Scholarship Fund. Proceeds are given to two graduating Downriver high school athletes who compete in The News-Herald Newspapers’ cross country meet or track and field meet.

Midtown Taylor – Goddard Road between Telegraph and Allen roads – also sponsors the races to bring attention to the expanding residential and business district. The course for the races includes the intersection of Goddard and Pardee, site of the Midtown Brownstones condominiums, new and expanded businesses and many infrastructure improvements, including the new Midtown Square.

The race directors were Greg Everal and Dottie McCullough. Hopgood’s family helped distribute race awards. Everal Race Management

In this year’s event, prizes were presented to the leaders in nine age groups. For the first time, there was a kids race that drew 11 runners. That event was held around Coan Lake.

(More photos will be posted soon on the City of Taylor web site at

The results of the 2004 Rollie Hopgood Midtown Taylor 5K Run:

Men: Jon Hodge, Grosse Ile, 15:47.1
Women: Alison Springer-Wilson, Dearborn, 20:50.5

Men: David Burkhart, Brighton, 17:41.1
Women: Donna Olson, Canton, 22:03.1

Men: John Tarkowski, Northville, 18:09.3
Women: Catherine Pierfelice, Belleville, 25.26.4

Men: Richard Welsch, Trenton, 22:38.4
Women: Shirley Torrance, Saline, 26:15.8

MEN 14 and Under
1. John Webb, Newport, 19:20.12.
Alec White, Dearborn, 20:18.33.
Gregory Ruoss, Flat Rock, 20:22.74.
James Maloney, Wyandotte, 20:33.35.
Nick Lyscas, Dearborn, 20:45.86.
Jordan Papp, Dearborn, 21:59.37.
Cory Brown, Allen Park, 22:07.18.
Jerry Hand, Riverview, 22:51.79.
Raven Dunn, Dearborn, 23:12.810.
Zachary Fernandez, Allen Park, 23:50.211.
Adam Gremban, Dearborn Heights, 32:07.112.
Jacob Engle, Armada, 32:35.0

15 to 19
1. Vincent Bechard, Dearborn, 17:36.62.
Shawn Gremban, Dearborn Heights, 17:55.43.
Matthew Lafranboise, Woodhaven, 18:25.84.
Cecil Ward, Detroit, 18:36.35.
Carl Wilhelm, Dearborn Heights, 19:28.86.
Dale Tindell, Taylor, 19:46.87.
Jordan Janowitz, Westland, 20:48.28.
Alex Salinas, Dearborn, 20:55.19.
Kyle Tindell, Taylor, 21:21.910.
Josh Rice, Canton, 21:21.911.
David Judd, Dearborn Heights, 22:27.612.
Christopher Burnett, Dearborn, 22:40.913.
Matthew Galambus, Taylor, 22:44.114.
Kevin Brown, Taylor, 24:47.415.
Stefan Jones, Howell, 25.10.316.
Alex Chen, Taylor, 27:09.017.
Garrett Jones, Howell, 32:16.518.
Seth Yoakam, Wayne, 35:21.1

20 to 24
1. Jon Hodge, Grosse Ile, 15:47.12.
Brian Goodwin, Allen Park, 15:58.73.
Andrew Brackmann, Dearborn, 17:30.34.
Jeff Myslinski, Brownstown, 19:07.75.
Paul Vockler, Allen Park, 19:08.46.
Chris Raftary, Dearborn, 20:15.07.
Travis Wright, Woodhaven, 22:11.78.
Jeremy Fabris, Detroit, 23:01.49.
Jonathan Ohen, Flat Rock, 23:26.4

25 to 29
1. Ryan Molloy, Dearborn Heights, 17:12.72.
Edward Traynor, Taylor, 18:48.53.
Jeff Tessier, Wyandotte, 19:46.54. I
an Coote, Royal Oak, 21:47.25.
Brian Nordstrom, 23:47.96.
David Brandt, River Rouge, 26:43.47.
A.C. Slater, Taylor, 27:59.68.
Tom Nickou, Mount Clemens, 28:00.19.
Nick Lackowski, Ann Arbor, 30:40.2

30 to 34
1. Matthew Boland, Beverly Hills, 19:13.32.
John Wright, Novi, 20:11.73.
Frank Wladyslawski, Lincoln Park, 23:38.94.
Peter Caldwell, Riverview, 24:19.65.
Raymond Bateman, Brownstown, 24:45.56.
Jason Myslinski, Troy, 25:27.07.
Greg Allen, Huron Township, 25:54.38.
Tom Marell, Rockwood, 26:09.49.
Claudio Salinas, Jr., Lincoln Park, 28:11.110.
Khai Lee, Taylor, 30:33.611.
Rich Szabo, Ecorse, 35:23.6

35 to 39
1. Rick Shaffer, Dearborn, 18:01.62.
Bill Dieter, Taylor, 20:13.93.
Mark Someruic, Novi, 22:15.74.
Brian Engle, 22:35.05.
Gene Jackson, Wyandotte, 23:45.36.
Corey Mates, Brownstown, 24:22.77.
John Gondron, Lincoln Park, 26:46.98.
Greg Topping, Ypsilanti, 26:53.69.
Rich Tracey, Belleville, 29:37.610.
Timothy Krzyske, Brownstown, 36:20.0

40 to 44
1. Ray Torres, Westland, 20:23.82.
Kevin Sherwood, Royal Oak, 20:26.13.
Steve Pipta, Dearborn, 21:04.64.
Steven Williams, Allen Park, 21:15.45.
Douglas Serra, Taylor, 22:47.06.
Gregg Dunn, Dearborn, 22:58.07.
Jason Gagnon, Taylor, 23:30.48.
George Tindell, Taylor, 23:33.09.
Thomas Coombs, Southgate, 23:51.810.
Joseph Bachert, Dearborn Heights, 24:44.511.
Joe Maranto, Commerce, 25:41.212.
Derek Clark, Detroit, 26:05.013.
Philip Speare, Monroe, 27:23.214.
Mike Day, Taylor, 27:42.415.
Eric Esau, Allen Park, 27:55.116.
Ben Luppino, Flat Rock, 28.07.217.
Richard Chappo, Taylor, 28:33.418.
Robert Joyce, Lincoln Park, 28:41.019.
Gary Patterson, Carleton, 29:29.320.
Kirt Berthiaume, Taylor, 32:14.0

45 to 49
1. George Sveda, Farmington Hills, 19:14.02.
Rob Hoy, Chalfont, Pennsylvania, 20:10.73.
Kevin Leddy, Livonia, 20:46.84.
Dave Mann, Detroit, 20:59.95.
David Brown, Taylor, 22:50.06.
Mark Gluch, Grosse Ile, 24:01.57.
Ed Glowniak, Clinton Township, 24:55.88.
Kevin Wilson, Trenton, 25:51.19.
James McAlpine, Northville, 27:07.310.
Don Wallace, Riverview, 28:42.111.
Tim Meyers, Allen Park, 28:57.512.
Tim Kolling, Dearborn Heights, 29:01.713.
Dan Drinane, Southgate, 32:40.114.
Anthony Wesley, Dearborn Heights, 38:17.515.
James Morrison, Allen Park, 40:32.2

50 to 54
1. David Burkhart, Brighton, 17:41.12.
John Tarkowski, Garden City, 18:09.33.
Gene Zimmerman, Riverview, 21:12.14.
Dan Lanning, Canton, 21:18.55.
Jim Jackel, Monroe, 21:38.86.
Robert King, Grosse Ile, 21:42.37.
Gary Hanafee, Detroit, 21:53.48. S
cott Bertram, Detroit, 22:51.09.
Blake Jones, Howell, 24:25.310.
James Beale, Royal Oak, 25:19.411.
Jeff Coote, Southfield, 25:22.712.
Jerry Shader, Dearborn, 26:03.413.
Scott Szumanski, Trenton, 26:11.614.
Jeffrey Barnes, Taylor, 26:17.215.
Michael Dennisuk, Trenton, 26:54.416.
John Skrzypiec, West Bloomfield, 26:58.517.
Alan Whitehead, Novi, 28:16.918.
Edward Lapointe, Trenton, 33:13.419.
Jim Flannery, Trenton, 35:54.5

55 to 59
1. Anthony Lopetrone, Birmingham, 19:37.02.
Ken Rowe, Canton, 19:55.93.
James O’Callaghan, Woodhaven, 21:19.54.
Bryane Kowalewski, Trenton, 24:43.55.
Gavin Williams, Detroit, 26:25.96.
Alagna Domenick, Canton, 27:00.47.
Chuck Ruoss, Flat Rock, 27:13.28.
Richard Porte, Dearborn, 29:12.69.
Hilory Early, Livonia, 31:51.510.
Robert Draper, Allen Park 47:05.2

60 to 64
1. Richard Welsch, Trenton, 22:38.42.
Bob Welsch, Southgate, 23:54.13.
David Scarlin, Redford, 24:06.54.
Ray Joaquin, Southgate, 25:31.75.
Joe Cafmeyer, Houghton Lake, 27:38.56.
Dennis Underwood, Redford, 34:32.47.
Jim Hadley, Dearborn, 40:45.9

65 to 69
1. David Lee, Grosse Ile, 22:54.22.
Verlin Sweatt, Temperance, 25:56.03.
Keith Collett, Taylor, 26:30.44.
John Dunn, Riverview, 30:01.05.
Bernard Matz, Dearborn Heights, 34:27.46.
John Hibler, Dearborn Heights, 34:28.97.
Ed Torrance, Saline, 34:48.4

70 to 74
1. Glen Peppard, Allen Park, 24:04.82.
Darrell McKee, Harrison Township, 29:06.32.
Harrison Hensley, Pinckney, 31L45,44.
Mike Joyce, Lincoln Park, 34:42.95.
Bernard Mueller, Taylor, 37:04.5

75 and Over
1. Hugh Sweeney, Novi, 26:36.1

WOMEN 14 and Under
1. Winonah Krug, Monroe, 22:31.92.
Emily Buttigieg, Woodhaven, 22:40.42.
Lisa Hughes, Newport, 29:10.7

15 to 19
1. Alison Springer-Wilson, Dearborn, 20:50.52.
Courtney Plummer, Garden City, 21:22.73.
Lauren Dennisuk, Trenton, 21:49.44.
Laura Jackson, Allen Park, 22:21.95.
Sarah Mills, Newport, 22:39.36.
Andrea Hoffman, Monroe, 23:31.37.
Alicia Hoffman, Monroe, 26:31.78.
Krista Marcucilli, Brownstown, 26:46.09.
Ashley Marie Martin, Taylor, 28:58.210.
Casey Dumasius, Grosse Ile, 30:32.9

20 to 24
1. Lisa Turtle, Dearborn, 27:58.62.
Amy Beaulac, Ann Arbor, 28:34.13.
Tiffany Guzik, Livonia, 30:45.94.
Kourtney Buhl, Canton, 32:00.85.
Nicole Bock, Ypsilanti, 33:36.56.
Brianne Hagaman, Brownstown, 33:52.07.
Rachelle Holmes, Lincoln Park, 35:00.9

25 to 29
1. Tara Haddad, Dearborn, 22:18.22.
Jamie Crane, Taylor, 23:29.03.
Elizabeth Macon, New Boston, 25:46.74.
Tara Casapetta, New Boston, 26:09.85.
Erin Graham, Southgate, 27:23.66.
Angela Bateman, Brownstown, 27:25.47.
Mandy Azzopardi, Troy, 27:54.68.
Tonya Stelter, Wyandotte, 28:48.49.
Danica Brandt, Woodhaven, 30:01.710.
Kelly Wehrmeister, Westland, 30:56.311.
Melissa Becker, Monroe, 33:09.2

30 to 34
1. Leslie Keyes, Wyandotte, 22:52.52.
Brandy Ochab, Grosse Ile, 24:02.13.
Laura Kephart, Allen Park, 24:59.94.
Malissa Mates, Brownstown, 27:12.35.
Rhonda Hughes, Southgate, 27:21.86.
Jackie Conz, Wyandotte, 27:41.67.
Lisa O’Connor, Allen Park, 29:05.48.
Jennifer Shearer, Livonia, 29:26.29.
Amanda Topping, Ypsilanti, 29:37.010.
Lolita Mason, Romulus, 35:21.8

35 to 39
1. Tina Marie Scarrow, Canton, 21:35.52.
Ann Salazar, Brownstown, 24.12.63.
Martha Vartanoff, Canton, 24:49.64.
Kelly Fedele, Southgate, 25:48.55.
Lori Dawson, Allen Park, 26:08.096.
Karla Dews, Inkster, 27:20.57.
Michele Meyers, Allen Park, 28:56.58.
Theresa Martin, Taylor, 29:17.49.
Jane Wallace, Riverview, 29:29.810.
Sherry Lopez, Wyandotte, 30:11.111.
Katie Meyers, Dearborn Heights, 31:23.612.
Aileen Thorington, Woodhaven, 31:24.013.
Tina Kwasniewski, Allen Park, 33:33.114.
Nanette Engle, Armada, 34:11.415.
Chris Standish, Allen Park, 35:55.116.
Barbara Papcun, Dearborn, 36:16.317.
Darlene Scherer, Brownstown, 51:10.6

40 to 44
1. Jean O’Guin, Taylor, 24:15.42.
Nancy Mills, Newport, 24:45.13.
Jean Saad, Scottsdale, Arizona, 25:32.74.
Phyllis Boland, Beverly Hills, 28:01.25.
Stefanie Braun, Taylor, 28:30.26.
Vicky Patterson, Carleton, 29:27.87.
Lisa Marie Prysock, New Boston, 30:48.78.
Kimberly Usher, Riverview, 35:30.69.
Karen Tingstad, Southgate, 51:55.7

45 to 49
1. Frances Buttigieg, Woodhaven, 23:10.02.
Kimberly Dunn, Riverview, 25:33.53.
Joyce Segedi, Canton, 26:07.44.
Karen Miller, Brownstown, 28:06.15.
Marie Brown, Taylor, 30:27.56.
Karen Buhl, Grosse Ile, 32:06.47.
Karen Szumanski, Trenton, 51:07.7

50 to 54
1. Catherine Pierfelice, 25:26.42.
Glenda Card, Oak Park, 25:33.23.
Wendy Paton-Beaupre, Pinckney, 26:59.94.
Josie Deladurantaye, Riverview, 28:19.25.
Nancy Broadbridge, Birmingham, 28:31.56.
Toni Hill, Dearborn Heights, 29:36.47.
Linda Tilley, Grosse Ile, 29:40.58.
Sherry Lawrence, Detroit, 34:24.29.
Patricia Cizewski, Canton, 34:56.9

55 to 59
1. Donna Olson, Canton, 22:03.12.
Maureen Webster, Dearborn, 27:57.53.
Merry Joseph, Plymouth, 28:23.14.
Nancy Draper, Allen Park, 42:00.05.
Tomalynne Srabian, Taylor, 47:05.8

60 to 64
1. Shirley Torrance, Saline, 26:15.82.
Karen Hill, Grosse Ile, 31:29.8