Knope Farm

The Fred and Clara Knope farm house once stood on Beech Daly just south of Northline Road. The 20 acre site was a productive farm from the mid 1920's until the City of Taylor purchased the property in 1990. "For several years, the home housed the offices of the city's Community Development department and the archives and records of the Taylor Historical Commission. The farmhouse was moved to Heritage Park on November 1, 2000.

Like many of the farms around Taylor, the Knope's had a produce stand in front of their home. Corn, cucumbers, asparagus, eggs and strawberries were the main offerings to their many friends and customers. 

In 1929, they built a home and a small barn behind to house a horse and the three cows the Knopes had on the farm. The children enjoyed the animals as they grew up and remember well the hard work of putting the hay in the loft and caring for the many other fowl and animals on the farm. The wood lot at the rear of their property yielded extra cash from the larger trees. Those logs were cut into lumber at the nearby Lange Lumber Mill. 

Fred Knope's farm evolved over the years. Outbuildings included a Brooler (for chicks), chicken coops, and a grainery. Most of the produce was shipped by truck and sold at the nearby market in Wyandotte. 

(In 1945 a huge four-door block barn for their tractors, trucks and farm equipment.)

Erwin Knope, age 12, pets a calf at the farm circa 1942. He died in
the Korean War and his funeral was held in the farmhouse, where he and
his sister were born.

The Knope family, from left:
Fred, Clara, Erwin and Virginia, photographed in front of the house in 1951
Fred Knope married Clara (Boike) in 1926. Their daughter Virginia and son Erwin enjoyed growing up on the farm and recalled many wonderful memories living in the house and working on the farm.