Log Cabin

The Log Cabin is Taylor’s oldest existing home. Built around 1850 and used as a hunting cabin, the log cabin belonged to several pioneer families of Taylor. German immigrants Andrew and Elizabeth Strong (formerly Storch) moved into the home in 1858 and raised seven of their ten children there. During World War II, Bud Strother converted the log cabin into a two-story home and resided there until the early 1940’s. Ann Strong, Frank Dittmar and Mary Low Dittmar, the Dammarow family and Art Strochine were also residents.

Originally situated on a 40-acre farm on Pennsylvania Road between Beech Daly and Telegraph, it was located close to old Indian burial grounds. Fred Miller donated the cabin in 1985 and it was moved to Heritage Park in 1986. Various civic organizations and school class groups use the Log Cabin as a meeting place year round.

The exhibits and historic artifacts on display help children learn about our early pioneer families and their farming way of life.
Children and their teachers enjoy visiting the log cabin and learning the colorful history. The children also enjoy eating their old-fashion lunches in the cabin.