U.S. Postal Service offers World Series commemorative cancellation

The U.S. Postal Service in Taylor continues to show its support for the Junior League World Series by offering a commemorative cancellation and cache to celebrate the event.

Workers from the Taylor Post Office are on site evenings in a mobile retail unit during the World Series, which runs through Saturday at Heritage Park, 12111 Pardee Road.

Postmaster Timothy Robertson said his office enjoyed providing the service during last year’s 25th annual World Series that employees looked forward to returning this year.

Robertson said the cancellation features the Junior League logo and is available on every date the games are played. In addition to the cancellations, there is a specially designed envelope (cache) for purchase to commemorate the event.

The stand also sells plenty of USPS retail items, including pins, pens, stationary, stuffed animals, stamps, key chains and various Michigan stamp items.

The Post Office also features a “trip down memory lane” display on the World Series at the Taylor office, located on Goddard Road, west of Telegraph Road.

“The Junior League World Series is recognized worldwide,” Robertson said. “The finals are televised on ESPN. We enjoy being a part of an event that gives Taylor the opportunity to shine for the world every summer since 1981.”