Mohawks united Team Virginia

Twin brothers John and Ethan Jarding got it started. After the district tournament, some of their Alexandria, Virginia, teammates copied the style.

“Everybody thought it was cool,” John said.

Well, not everybody. There were some holdouts. Eventually, they came around.

By the time the team won the USA South regional tournament, it had spread to the coaches and little brothers. Even a bus driver got involved.

The Mohawk haircut has accompanied Team Virginia to Taylor for the Junior League World Series.

“They look at us weird, but we’re just trying to be different,” John Jarding said.

He feels the hairstyle has created team bonding.
“It unites us as a family,” said Brandon O’Clisham. “We all have something in common.”

“Our bus driver bet us that if we win the World Series, he’d get one, too,” John Jarding added.

The Canadian national champions from Nepean, Ontario, also used a haircut for team unity. They decided to shave their heads.