City of Taylor honors those who saved life of 5-year-old

The City of Taylor has recognized the outstanding efforts of first responders from the Taylor Police Department Taylor Fire Department, Michigan State Police and Concord EMS, which resulted in the successful resuscitation of a 5-year-old Wyandotte boy in July.

The boy and his family were enjoying a private pre-fireworks party at a home near Heritage Park, home of the ongoing Taylor Summer Festival. Michigan State Trooper Jacob Liss arrived at the home for the party and heard a child cry out that his brother was at the bottom of the home’s swimming pool. Liss, a paramedic for 10 years before becoming a state trooper six years ago, found the child without a pulse and not breathing, so he performed chest compressions and rescue breathing.

Taylor police Cpl. Ted Michowski, who was patrolling the crowded neighborhood, was nearby when an emergency telephone call was made. Michowski knew emergency vehicles could not navigate the packed street, so he raced to the child, loaded him into his squad car and, along with his partner, Cpl. Michael Caldwell, sped to the end of the street where rescue personnel were supposed to meet them. When no one was there, Michowski picked up the boy and raced the boy to the festival first aid station, where he handed the child to Fire Medic Joseph Nelson and Lt. James Hubbard of the Taylor Fire Department.

While Hubbard administered chest compressions, Nelson – who had donated his own all-terrain vehicle to the city to be used as a safety vehicle at the festival – was gearing up to transport the child to a waiting ambulance behind the Taylor Community Library. Finally, the child vomited, began crying and called for his father. “When he was crying for his dad, at that point, I knew he would be OK,” Cpl. Michowski said.

Now in the care of Concord EMS paramedics Greg Fyffe and Frank Gilbert, the boy was transported to Oakwood Medical Center in Dearborn. An hour later, the child was sitting up and doing fine, although he was kept for observation through the weekend.

“There were a lot of heroes” that night, said Battalion Chief Robert Tompos of the Taylor Fire Department.” All of those involved received citations from the City of Taylor. The individuals also will be honored in the Hometown Heroes program at the Southland Shopping Center.