Family Health Center open to Taylor residents

The Western Wayne Family Health Center opened its doors to the public August 7. The facility is a federally qualified community health center whose mission is designed to provide quality, affordable and accessible healthcare to the residents of area communities, targeting the “medically underserved” communities of Taylor, Inkster and Romulus.

The health center – located at 2500 Hamlin Court in Inkster (near Michigan Avenue and Inkster Road) – provides primary healthcare to all who enter the clinic. Services are provided on a sliding fee scale based on family size and household income. Charges are often as little as $15 a visit. The center serves all people regardless of whether they have insurance.

The current scope of services is limited to primary care for newborn babies, pediatric care for children, internal medicine care for adolescents, adults and the elderly. In the near future, plans include adding a social worker, pre-natal care, obstetric care and family planning.

The center is a product of a partnership between various elements of the community. Those participants include interested community residents, Oakwood Healthcare System and Starfish Family Services, government officials and countless others. The center is governed by members of a volunteer Board of Directors who, in many cases, also are consumers of the center’s services.

This partnership collaborated over two years to develop a community-centered plan to create a health center to serve the medically indigent and underserved residents. The subsequent application to the federal government was approved and funded on the first round.

“That was unusual and a true testament to the quality of the community partnership and the great need for the services in our community,” said Lisa Rutledge, a Taylor resident and board member.

The grant received from the federal Bureau for Primary Healthcare is intended to subsidize the cost of providing discounted quality and affordable healthcare to the medically indigent residents of the community.

According to the Board of Directors, community health centers have proven their worth in the healthcare environment. They have a proven history of partnering with related entities to provide cost effective healthcare. Today’s healthcare environment imposes a heavy burden on the emergency departments of local hospitals to provide uncompensated care for the medically indigent. When individuals rely on emergency rooms for non-emergency healthcare needs, it costs the individual more than if he or she had turned to a primary care center such as a clinic for care. At the same time, providing non-emergency care in emergency rooms is expensive for the hospital and not cost effective.

The Western Wayne Family Health Center invites all to visit, to get to know the staff and to take advantage of the services offered. For more information, call (313) 561-5100.