Tree Planting

Residents are permitted to plant a tree on the easement in front of their home. The planting is required to conform to the following guidelines.
The following list of trees have been determined to be acceptable as planted on easements.

Tree Lawn Width:
4ft - 7 ft Hornbeam, Crab Apple, Hawthorne, Columnar Maple, Bradford Pear, Ivory,Silk Lilac.

7ft- 10ft Norway Maple, Red Maple, Crimson King Maple, Locust, Greenspire Linden, Shag Bark Hickory, Sweetgum (or any from above)

10ft + Oak, Hackberry, Red Bud, Sugar Maple, Ginko, Tulip Tree (or any from above)

1) Tree Lawn Width is defined as the distance from the edge of the sidewalk to the back of curb.
2) Always have the underground utilities marked prior to digging. Call Mrs. Dig at 1800-482-7171 to have the utilities marked.
3) Trees must be planted at least ten (10) feet from driveways or other intersecting paths.
4) The tree(s) are required to be a minimum diameter of one (1) inch.
5) Trees are required to be planted a minimum of five (5) ft from any underground utility.
6) Trees are required to be planted a minimum of 20 ft apart.
7) Evergreens and weeping trees are not permitted to be planted on easements.

Click here to go to State of Michigan's "Restoration Of Our Trees" program.