Special police unit will target neighborhood problems

The Taylor Police Department’s newly re-established Special Operations Unit is up and running.

The two primary missions of the six-officer team are to combat narcotics activity throughout the city and to investigate and reduce both residential and commercial burglaries.

Director of Police Services Jac Desrosers said the unit has the ability to saturate a neighborhood with a uniformed presence as a form of target hardening or, if need be, to conduct undercover surveillance in order to apprehend criminals in the act.

Mayor Cameron G. Priebe said the officers’ flexibility will be one of their key weapons in reducing criminal activity in the city.

“One of the things that has been lacking in this community is a special operations group that can target urgent needs of the residents as quickly as possible,” said Mayor Priebe, a former Taylor police officer. “This needs to be a flexible response group to deal with neighborhood problems or drug problems or reckless driving problems. The concept will be effective.”

One of the tools that this unit will have at its disposal is the Police Department’s crime mapping software, which will enable the officers to compile data on crimes by location, day of the week and time of the day. This information, in turn, will be shared with patrol officers and other investigators in support of the larger mission of the Police Department.

Desrosiers said the supervisor and officers selected for the Special Operations Unit are highly dedicated to successfully accomplishing their missions and welcome the assistance of the residents in the community.

The Police Department also announced a new Narcotic and Crime Tip Line for the Special Operations Unit: (734) 374-8737.