Beautification Commission honors residents, business, church

The Beautification Commission of the City of Taylor is recognizing residents and businesses that make the city a beautiful place to live and work. Acknowledging there are many beautiful homes and businesses to honor, the commission recognized these people and establishments during the September 19, 2006, City Council meeting: Sherrie LaPointe, St. Paul United Church of Christ, Saveland Supermarket, Brian and Denise Norris, and Michael and Deborah Bilbery. Receiving honorable mention were the homeowners of the Rose Garden Subdivision for decorating the entrance at Katherine and Dudley (off Goddard Road). Members of the Beautification Commission include Lois Adams, Elsie Belanger, Councilwoman Jill Brandana, Carolyn Massab, Marge Maladecki, Lois Nemeth and Helen Parrish.