The fee for an animal license is $30 for non-spayed/neutered animals. The fee is $10 for spayed/neutered animals. Payment in credit/debit card only. The license runs the calendar year. Licenses for the new year can be purchased at the Animal Shelter starting mid-December each year.


Adoptions are $50 for non-spayed/neutered animals on a credit/debit card only. You must bring back proof of sterilization within 30 days of adoption, and $30 will be refunded on the credit/debit card. Adoptions are $20 for a spayed/neutered animal.


For any animals belonging to Taylor residents, the fee is $100. For non-residents, the fee is $175. The hours for this service are Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
A man smiling with a brown dog on leash.