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1. Where is the library located?
2. What are the library hours?
3. What are the computer lab hours?
4. Is there a tutorial for someone who has never used a computer?
5. Does the library have an after hours book drop?
6. How do I obtain a library card?
7. If I do not qualify for a resident card, what other options are there?
8. What happens if my card is lost or stolen?
9. Is there a charge to replace my lost or stolen library card?
10. What if I forget the PIN that was assigned to me when I received my library card?
11. What types of materials may I borrow from the library?
12. Where can I return library materials?
13. Must I visit the library to renew materials?
14. Does the library work with a collection agency to recover lost items?
15. How many DVDs may I check out?
16. Is there a charge to check out DVDs?
17. Does the library have Internet access for the public?
18. Does the library have Wi-Fi access?
19. Is it possible to send or receive faxes?
20. Does the library have a copy machine?
21. Does the library have a genealogy library?
22. Does the library have a notary public in the building?
23. What is the library Laptop Lounge?
24. Where do I find information on library programs and events?
25. Does the library have a Friends Group?
26. Does the library have inter-library loan (ILL) privileges?
27. Does the library have tax forms?